Beginning. Again.

I had a blog, once. I wrote often and was pleased with my own cleverness. I wrote for the approval of my friends and family and strangers. I tried hard to be funny and a little bit zany. It was never a popular blog outside a small circle of people, but it taught me about the kind of writing I am capable of, and the kind that no longer suits my life.

This is different. This is just me, reaching out into the crowded blankness of the internet – striking, pleading, wondering, and asserting – trying to turn honesty into a verb.

2 thoughts on “Beginning. Again.”

  1. I am so very honored to be one of the chosen. And I am so very excited to read what you have to write. I have often considered doing this sort of writing about my own personal journey into introspection and trying to live my life more aware of myself. But I wanted you to write it. No, I wanted to write with your ability to be honest (with yourself and others), your knack for expressing your thoughts and feelings clearly, and your vocabulary. You just made my day!!!!


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